Dear Current Prime Timers and Past and Prospective Members,

Guess what? It’s time to think about getting your season ski pass for Schweitzer  Mountain for the  2019-20 ski season. Season passes are available for purchase starting March 1, 2019 and are valid at the lift  from March 11, 2019 through the remainder of the 2018/19 and all of the 2019/20 winter season.

 I am pleased to report that Schweitzer has agreed to once again extend their special offer to CURRENT MEMBERS of the Schweitzer Prime Timers who are 65 and older and who purchase season passes for the 2019-20 ski season. Please read the following carefully.

Once again, here are the rules.

 If you are 65 years or older (you must be 65 by December 31, 2019), are a Current 2019 (that’s NOW, not next year) Dues Paying Member of the Schweitzer Prime Timers and purchase a season ski pass for the 2019-2020 season prior to December 1, 2019, you can purchase an Adult Unlimited (7 day) ski pass for the price of a Sunday-Friday (6 day) pass. The price of the pass will be determined in accordance with Schweitzer’s pricing schedule at the time you purchase. 

You have two choices for purchasing your pass.

  1. You will be able to purchase your pass online. If you do the online purchase, you should purchase the Adult Unlimited pass. As you proceed through the online purchase you will be given the opportunity to insert a promo code before you enter your credit card number. Once inserted, the cost of your pass will be adjusted to the Sunday-Friday rate. You can contact me as provided below for the current code. Please note that if someone uses the code but does not meet the criteria, Schweitzer will be auditing all passes in December and an improperly purchased pass will be voided and you will have to deal with Schweitzer to resolve the issue. You should also note that if you are ordering passes online for more than one person and the others do not qualify for the pass deal, you will need to do separate online purchases.
  1. You will also be able to purchase your pass through Guest Services at Schweitzer. You can order by calling Guest Services at 208- 263-9555 (Ext. 1246) or by going to the Guest Services desk at the Lakeview Lodge. You will need to tell them that you are a member of the Prime Timers prior to purchasing. They will have your name as we will provide Schweitzer with a list of our 2019 members.  Please note that you will be able to purchase other items, such as season lockers, etc. through Guest Services at the same time. Personally, I intend to use Guest Services, as they do such a great job. And it is nice to walk away with your pass before this season is over, no dealing with the mad rush at the deadline.

 By the way, if you go through Guest Services, please note that they are open 7 days a week until the mountain closes winter operations and then open only on weekends until summer operations begin when they will operate 7 days a week again out of the Ski and Ride Center.  If you are purchasing  in person,  always call ahead to make sure the office will be open when you arrive.

If you have any doubt as to whether you are a current 2019 dues paying member, you can call our Treasurer, JoAnn Rohyans at 614-395-6905 (or email her at to confirm.  If you are not a current dues paying member for 2019 and will be 65 prior to December 31, 2019, you can still join/rejoin the Prime Timers for the 2019 season and take advantage of this great offer by visiting the Schweitzer Prime Timers ( website, printing out and completing the application and sending it with your dues as indicated. Starting this year, if you have your own personal email (i.e., you don’t share your email with another member), you can also join/re-join the Prime Timers on line through Pay Pal. Just follow the instructions that are found on the Schweitzer Prime Timers website under Membership. We will notify Schweitzer that you are a member after we receive your check and application or as soon as we receive verification from Pay Pal (See footnote below).

In summary, if you meet the 65 year age requirement, are a fully paid 2019 Prime Timer member, you are eligible for this great deal.

If you have any questions, please contact me as provided below or you can contact Guest Services at the number provided above.


John Rohyans, Membership Chair

614-260-1490 or

 P.S.  I can’t begin to emphasize the following enough. You must be a current 2019 Prime Timer member (that means THIS year, i.e., NOW) at the time you purchase your pass in order to get the pass deal. If you buy a pass and join Prime Timers later, you will not be able to retroactively get the pass deal or be refunded for a pass already purchased. You must be a member when you purchase your pass. NO EXCEPTIONS.

P.S.S. If you are not a current 2019 member, but join/rejoin, please give the mountain at least 72 hours after we receive your check and membership form or Pay Pal verification for us to inform them and for them to update their records. Guest Services cannot give you the pass deal until your membership has been confirmed.

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