Established in 1991
The Schweitzer Prime Timers club is a group of people age 50+ who love snow sports.

Immortal Snow

by Guy Lothian, Prime Timer Poet Laureate

Mist collides on the tracks
Train whistle sings solemn
As the mountain slips out of darkness’ dress
Into the crazy light of morning,
The crazy light of day.
Snow endures upon the mountain, calling like a cure.
Our legs obey the summons
And consign us to the clouds,
To the apothecary of steep,
And tincture of panorama
Where Lake Pend Oreille
In a jeweler’s setting of shimmering peaks,
Glitters like a diamond.

Gravity without purpose, it’s our daily game.
We gather at our lockers and in the muddy parking lots,
Our gray hair and lined skin can’t hide
The vestigial ski bums within
Powering old muscles made sinuous
by our addiction to the fall line.
We trade in the currency of ski days
Of injured limbs
And a vertigo fog.
That unleashes our prehensile imagination.

We name the runs we’ll ski,
Some have no name.
We make up words to describe the snow,
Unforgiving crust, sweet cream, space dust.

So I’ll meet you at the chairlift
Or at the Outback fire
And ask if you remember
The mountain’s party trick,
A magic wand of wind,
That dried the heavy snow
Transforming it immortal
Transforming it sublime
And in that snowy powder
We laughed and left our trace,
Every turn a weightless embrace.

February 2019

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